A0: Getting to Know You, Getting to Know UsΒΆ

Learning in a large class setting can make getting to know each other more challenging than smaller in-person classes. So to facilitate our engagement with one another, your first assignment will be to introduce yourself in Zulip. We have created discussion streams in the class Zulip workspace. So before our second in-person class on Tuesday Sept. 27th, you must join Zulip, join the discussion stream that matches the discussion section you are in, and share some fun and interesting facts about yourself with the class. Feell free to share as much or as little as you like. However, at the very least, let everyone know your preferred name and pronouns and why you are interested in this course.

Once you have posted your introduction, take a screenshot, and upload it to the a0 assignment submission page on Canvas to receive credit.


You must complete this assignment to pass the class!