Week 8 Notes#


Keep an eye weekly pages as they might be updated throughout the week.

Lecture Materials#

Here are the slides and recording links for week 8:


Lecture Recording

Slides for Lecture


Lecture Recording


Sass demo and the Assignment 5 introduction were discussed in the live recording:

Lecture Recording

The remaining topics planned for today can be viewed through the following recordings:

Overview of how to setup and use local storage

Local Storage with Ionic

An in-depth discussion of how to make use of local storage in your A4 application

Local Storage Strategies

Overview of how to setup and use Firebase (A4 bonus option)

Ionic and Firebase


These recordings cover an earlier version of the Ionic Framework, so some of the terms used (e.g., modules names) have changed. If you run into trouble, a quick review the Ionic documentation for Ionic 5/6 will help. Otherwise, feel free to ask on Zulip.